This little Web App allows you to quickly see where you are on the fullstack scale from Pony to Unicorn. You can share your rating and see how you compare to your colleagues.

Obviously this is very opinionated, but hopefully of heuristic value. Maybe the question What could I do to improve my rating? identifies some areas of relative weakness and How has my rating changed over the last year? is encouraging.


The rating system

Not really used, maybe read about on HN.

Tried out. Made a simple project in this or know something beyond the very basics.

Decent. Contributed to a substantial, non-trivial project. Could answer basic interview questions in this.

Substantial. Shipped at least one substantial project to production or equivalent.

Expert. Created several substantial projects of mutliple kinds (e.g. not just 10 different CMSs) or equivalent. Have knowledge of trade offs you might make around different approaches.




Language/framework pairs, no language repetition, no PHP. If your framework is configured via XML maximum rating is 'Decent' no matter how many design patterns you leveraged. So for example if you have been a primary contributor on three major Node projects with Express (etc) that have shipped and done one small Ruby on Rails project for your local sports club you should select 'Expert' for primary and 'Decent' for secondary. But if that secondary project was Node/Koa you should leave it as 'Not really used' as it is same language.

Primary (4x)

Secondary (2x)

Web Frontend

Language/framework pairs, no language repetition, no jQuery. Coffeescript doesn't count as different language to Javascript. For example Javascript with React + Redux + ... as primary, Elm as secondary. If you are being generous with self then count e.g. Typescript + Angular as different enough to Javascript + Flow + React.

Primary (4x)

Secondary (2x)


It's 2017. You think the web is enough to call yourself fullstack anymore? Native iOS, Native Android, React Native, Xamarin. No Cordova/Ionic or other web based frameworks.

Primary (3x)

Secondary (2x)



Various other bits and pieces. You may need to flex a bit with scoring but use your best judgment. It's not exactly scientific anyway.

Computer Science Theory

Data Visualisation

Data Analysis/Machine Learning

Static Site Generation



Second NoSQL (of different kind)